What is Tour of Romania?

Tour of Romania
is a project which started out from my passion for the country where I was born and where I live, which I have visited countless times and it gives me enormous pleasure to discover and rediscover it every day.
My name is Radu and I wish to convey to you too the passion to discover Romania, to visit or revisit it whenever you have the opportunity, together with your friends, with other people who will join us and, of course, with the Tour of Romania team.

bucharestTour of Romania is a story, which started from pleasure and passion approximately 10 years ago. At that time I began to organize the first group trips in a variety of locations in Romania and since then until now I have gathered enough events, so that to have what to tell to my children and grandchildren. Tour of Romania is a project dedicated to those who share the same desire to explore, visit, feel and rediscover the so very beautiful places of Romania and, last but not least, Tour of Romania is a project dedicated to those who want to meet other people passionate of the same things, to share with them the same passions and whom you could know better during our routes.
Tour of Romania deals with organizing tours (routes) in Romania for groups of tourists who already know each other (predefined groups) or who don’t know each other, but wish to visit beloved places in Romania, to get to know new people and even become friends.
Tour of Romania makes available for you several pre-defined tours (routes) lasting from 2 to 5 days, with departure from Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara. If you have already seen these places or if you want to see other sights than those we have already prepared for you on our website www.tourofromania.com, we can establish together the duration and the region or regiones you wish to visit and we shall set up and organize such a customized tour for your group.
Tour of Romania can offer you consultancy and information in the field of tourism, trips or holidays you want to make in Romania. If you do not want to attend a tour (route) offered by www.tourofromania.com or if you do not want Tour of Romania to arrange a private tour for you, we can help you with information or advice which could be helpful subsequently in choosing the desired trip or sights that you want to visit, even if you buy such services from another provider.

Through the information displayed on www.tourofromania.com, through the services we provide, no matter if you are customers or visitors of www.tourofromania.com, or our partners, our project Tour of Romania is 100% dedicated to you.