What do we offer to you?

Tour of Romania deals with organized tours (routes) all over Romania for groups of tourists who already know each other (predefined groups) or who don’t know each other, but wish to visit precious sights in Romania and to get to know new people, or even to get new friends.

These are the services that we offer:
These are tours of 1 to 5 days, with departure from Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara. Complete information about our predefined tours can be found on our site under the especially dedicated section.
If you have already done the predefined tours, if you have already seen these places or if you wish to see sights different from those which we have prepared for you on www.tourofromania.com, we can establish together the tour duration and the area or areas you want to visit, and set up and organize such a private tour for your group.
Tour of Romania is willing to offer advice and information in the field of tourism, trips or holidays you want to make in Romania. If you do not want to participate in a tour (route) available on www.tourofromania.com or if you do not wish Tour of Romania to organize a private tour for you, we can help with information or advice in choosing the desired trip or sights you want to visit, even if you buy these services from another provider..